A decision to make a new website comes with certain problematics which, if neglected, can lead to a very difficult and rough path, and you may finally end up wasting plenty of time without getting the desired result.

If you decide to go on this journey yourself, it is implied that you have some basic knowledge in the area of web hosting and server administration; that you have mastered the basics of programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript; that you are familiar with content management systems such as Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3; and if you want your website to be responsive for all screen sizes, that it is necessary for you to know frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation.

If you are not sure what we are talking about, don't worry, we are here to clear the things up!

The basic question you need to ask yourselves is "What do you want people to do once they visit your webite?"

The answers may be that you want them to looks around and find out more about you and your company, or it may be that you want them to buy products you are selling. Once you know what you want from your website visitors, it is necessary to choose the right path that fits your needs.

If your goal is to have a website that will present your company or a product, or generally, an informative website you want to manage on your own, wth no need for plenty of knowledge in the area of web development, with possibility of simple additions to your website, at the cost of being limited to the already installed functions these CMS offer, then the best option for you is to base your website on some of the CMS that will for sure satisfy all your appetites for your own website management.

Some of the CMS that our company Two Dots Media most often recommends for our clients are: WordPress CMS – for simple presentation websites, blogs or magazines; and Joomla! CMS which is a powerful system that enables development of more complex websites by using additional components and plug-ins and, in addition to that, it enables a simple own website management through an administration panel. For e-commerce web portals that offer sales of products and online payment, the best choice is Magento Platform, specially designed as a good basis for creation of online shops with an easy way of administration.

If, however, you want an ultra fast website designed specifically for your needs, either to save resources or for the more efficient functioning of website, or bacause of adjusted functions not provided by CMS, then your choice should definitely be – custom programming.

Custom programming includes, as the name itself states – programming adjusted to your specific needs, with maximum saving of resources for unnecessary functions. With custom programming, there are no limits to possible functionalities. Custom programming does not use any of the classic CMS, but rather it is based on programming „from scratch“ using the programming languages – PHP or NET, or it is based on adjusted frameworks such as Laravel and CakePHP (programming language PHP). It consists of back end programming – programming of the administration part for simple website management without required knowledge of programming languages, and front end part which includes programming od the part directly visible to the end user in a browser.

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