Responsive design

Responsive design

Responsive design of a web application is an approach to website development which enables website users to have a quality experience when surfing, regardless of device they are using.

Responsive design has become incomparably more significant in the last few years, after the number of users of smartphones and tablets has enormously increased, which has led to decrease in use of personal computers to surf the internet.

Lately, Google itself has been putting priority to mobile-friendly websites in its search results, therefore it is essential for your website to be optimized for mobile phones using the responsive design.

By providing website responsiveness, not only is the end user enabled a quality and hassle-free experience, but your website is also ensured the quality indexing by internet browsers. Thus most of SEO experts for responsive design state that responsive design is no longer an option - it is essential in order for a website to be visible in search results.

How to achieve responsiveness?

Front-end environments (Frameworks) such as Bootstrap and Foundation have been for many years number one tools for development of responsive websites. Using these frameworks that are based on the system of columns and rows enables responsiveness for all devices.

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